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Rachael. 19. Female. Feminist. Ally. =D I like Physics, good food, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, David Tennant, X-files, Elementary, Roosterteeth, Game of Thrones and other things like that. I swear a lot and can be quite opinionated. I am studying Physics with Teaching at Strathclyde University and I am going to use my degree to become a Physics teacher. I've managed to get the best friends in the universe and I love them. I also managed to get the best boyfriend ever too. I love him lots. That's everything I think =) <3


Ok friends, I have a problem. I am seriously struggling to come up with money for my rent and the bills that I have to pay next week. And when I say I’m struggling: I mean I’m £640 short of what I need. I need this money to pay for:

  • 1 months rent
  • Electricity Bill
  • Council Tax
  • Internet Bill
  • Food

I’ve already cut costs by not having a tv, not buying kitchen appliances such as a toaster and not having any form of heating in the flat. My parents have less than me so I can’t ask them.

So I made myself a little internet donations page right here. And I would appreciate the help a lot. If you don’t wanna donate there, you can donate directly to my paypal here.

I hate having to beg or ask for handouts, but this is my last resort. Any amount raised will be massively appreciated. Thank you <3

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Why I love Steven Moffat

26. July 2014


I love Steven Moffat because, as a woman over 30, I rejoice in seeing a female character who proves that yes, we can be sexy well beyond that age, as well as confident, strong and outrageously clever.


As an introvert, I will love Moffat forever for showing us an introverted character go on a heroic journey whilst remaining an introvert. Too often an introverted character’s epic journey will end in them becoming extraverted, but not Rory. Not just anyone can spend 2000 years on their own.


And while we’re on the topic of Rory, I love Moffat for giving us a character who believes passionately in the importance of devoting his career to caring for patients. I have worked in the NHS for almost half my life, and Rory embodies the dedication you see in those who have chosen this career path.


Right now I’m trying to become a scientist, and it’s bloody tough. Thank you then, Steven Moffat, for giving me a character who shows me the importance of what I’m striving for.


And yes, I can get a bit obsessed about the things I love. Doctor Who, for example. People might take the mickey out of fans like me for the depths of feelings we have about this show. But that doesn’t matter. Steven Moffat shows us as the clever, creative and loyal people we truly are.image

So that’s why I love Steven Moffat - well, to be truthful, just a small part of it. Thank you, Moff, and long may you continue.

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In Doctor Who and the Silurians, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart blows up the caves of the hibernating Silurians in an attempt to spare the world from their wrath upon their waking again.

The Doctor failed to stop him; he had no idea that the Brigadier would ignore his warnings and good judgment. As he looked grimly over the wreckage, he said: “But that’s murder. They were intelligent alien beings. A whole race of them. And he’s just wiped them out.”

Fast forward 40 years, to The Day of the Doctor. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. She’s planning to blow up the Black Archive. Why? To destroy the Zygons - and as a result London as well - to prevent the rest of the world from suffering under their terrible wrath. Sound familiar? Yes. It’s the same actions her father took against the Silurians.

The Doctor knows what a Lethbridge-Stewart is capable of when the world and loved ones are threatened. He remembers. He remembers what the Brigadier did and what he himself also did in the name of peace and sanity. So he acts.

He doesn’t want Kate to get it wrong. He wants her to get it very right. So he figures out another solution, one that does not involve violence. Because the Doctor is not a violent man - he never has been and he never will be. That day, the Doctor saves his people, teaches Kate a lesson, and remembers his very old, very good, very dear Lethbridge-Stewart.

(On an outside note, that’s probably the best homage and best reference to the classics I have encountered yet. Well done, Steven Moffat. Well done.)

Addition: I learned today that in The Green Death, the Brigadier once again uses violence against alien creatures to protect the ones he loves and the rest of the world. The Doctor, again, is not very happy. The fact that it happened twice just makes the Doctor’s moment with Kate in the Black Archive all the more moving.

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James Potter actually studied in the library a lot, but he did so under the invisibility cloak so his reputation would remain untarnished.

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A selection of my favourite Derren tweets 9/?