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Today was the Eco-conference. It was more like a fair though, it was fun.

Well everyone thought so apart from this one girl.

She had a bad attitude all day. Here is a list of all the crap that I had to endure from her today;

  1. I was talking to her group about a buddy system that they have. All of them said that they enjoyed it but they found being the older buddies more fun than the younger buddies. Then they all said that it helps you get to know the other pupils better. Then here comes Miss Misery “Don’t do it, it’s a waste of play time. It’s rubbish. No one likes it.”
  2. I was explaining to the group about how we want to stop bullying and she interrupted with “Ugh, you’reĀ english!” She said it as if it was an insult!
  3. She thought that everyone wanted to hear her complain, and frequently would say things like “This is like a slow painful death.”
  4. She refused to actively participate in the workshops.
  5. I started to say something to them all when the organizer said that we were to start doing something else and the girl just looks at me and goes “Ha Ha!”
  6. I went over to their table to ask them something and she says “Welcome to the most boring thing in the world!”
  7. I wanted to talk to them about how their school teaches sex ed and sexual awareness (seeing as our school doesn’t). The other girls were perfectly happy to talk about it and seemed comfortable doing so, they were very honest. Madam, however, giggled every time I said sex and thought it was hilarious when I said the word gay- I was asking “Are you taught about tolerance or awareness of gay people or transgender people?” She asked me why I was asking, I said “I want to raise awareness because if people talk about sex and sexuality in school then people get comfortable with it and don’t become intolerant.” She just looked at me and went “You’re SICK!” This is when I lost my rag a little and I said to her “I’ll have you know I’m not ‘sick’ actually.” She said “Oh, yeah, right, ‘sorry’.” I just said “And you should be!” and left it at that.
  8. At the end we had to write down what we liked and what we disliked about the day. She just wrote “I DISLIKED EVERYTHING”

I could have smacked her in the face!

Friday, 23 - 03 - 2012

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    I went to a Catholic primary school so there was obviously no “promotion” of homosexuality. But on the other hand, there...
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